What they’re saying about

“With mice and cheese and little people, Dr. Johnson create[s] a simple, non-threatening way to talk about complex, threatening subjects like rampant change and uncertain futures.”

“…brilliant in its simplicity… but the more one dissects ‘Who Moved My Cheese?,’ the clearer it is how intelligently the book was put together.”


“…a humorous, easy-to-read book for people in the throes of reinventing themselves.”

– William R. Johnston, former President NY Stock Exchange


“…the bestselling business book of all time…”


“…perfectly capture[s] the anxieties of traditional businesspeople as they try to cope with a rapidly mutating economy.”


“…the book’s topic, change, is of urgent interest to everyone in this time of business revolution, and is so general it can seem relevant to any person or organization.”

“…many people feel it speaks to them in some deep way.”




Named on Time Magazine’s Top 25 Most Influential Business Books List in 2011.

#20 The One Minute Manager ®